Strategy Pattern Design Article

This article shows the “intent” of the strategy design pattern and how to successfully use it when refactoring code which is our current class topic. According to the article the strategy pattern (a behavioral design pattern in CS helps define a group of algorithms in separate classes which will effectively use each other’s objects.

One of the larger issues addressed by using the strategy pattern helps keep the main class from growing into a more complex mess. The strategy pattern allows for a developer to take/extract a class that has different functions and funnel them into a new class which is what this pattern refers to as a strategy.

Interfaces are commonly used with the strategy pattern in order to communicate with the other “strategies” that you previously extracted from the main class. The use of interfaces in the strategy pattern also allows your code to switch between algorithms at run time by using sub objects that perform their own tasks.

I chose this article as I feel it gives readers like myself a good general understanding of how to use and implement the strategy pattern. The article effectively shows you when you should or should not use the strategy pattern along with the pros and cons of using it. Similarities between the strategy pattern and other patterns it also outlined in the article which helps you tell the patterns apart and when you should use one pattern over another.

This article from refactoring guru has helped me to better understand the strategy pattern as a whole and helped me gain a somewhat smaller but still important understanding of some aspects of other design patterns (for example command and state). There are also examples of the strategy pattern being used in different coding languages found under the “Relations with Other Patterns” section.  I plan to use the information in this article to help me understand the Strategy pattern more in current and future assignments as well as in my professional career whenever I may need to refactor code through the different design patterns.

Overall I believe the general understanding of the strategy pattern gained from this article can help myself and any other student that may be having trouble with the topic or even someone who is just curious and would like to learn more about design patterns as their are articles on the other design patterns on the same website that can be accessed easily through links near the end of the page.

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